A day in the life of an SDR or Sales Development Representative

May 19, 2022 - min. read

Today, we’re going to talk about what a day in the life of a Sales Development Representative or SDR looks like, and what skills you need to become a good SDR.

The tasks of an SDR

First of all, as an SDR, not a single day will be the same. You’ll always have different leads to follow up on, different companies of different sizes you need to talk to, different contact persons, different verticals, etc. So there’s a big variety there.

It speaks for itself that you will be prospecting or calling new or potential clients for a large portion of your time. My advice there: sales is a numbers game. So, you have to step up those numbers, because every single call will make you better as an SDR.

As an SDR, you’re not there on your own, of course. You’re part of an SDR team and you will be coached closely. Think of trainings by Winning by Design, for example. You’ll also work closely with your account executive, who will try to close your leads. So, your goal is to deliver them the best possible leads.

The SDR skill set

There are also a few characteristics that you need to master to become a good SDR. There’s resilience, there’s organisational skills, research skills, good knowledge of the company and the industry, adaptability, a willingness to learn and, last but not least, great skill in reaching out and making contact via phone or email.

Our key takeaway is that starting a career as an SDR is one of the best choices you can make, no matter where you’ll end up. Thank you for watching. Happy hunting!

Do you want to become an SDR?

Now that you know what an SDR does, you might be interested in joining their ranks! Contact us via phone or e-mail, and we’ll gladly help you find the tech sales career of your dreams.