Building an Exceptional Team: Implement the Perfect Hiring Process

August 3, 2023 - min. read

So, here’s the deal. Throughout my career, I’ve witnessed countless recruitment processes across different clients. I have frequently been asked the same question: What is the optimal approach for conducting a sales executive hiring process? 

Well, let me break it down for you. It usually goes like this: first, we have the discovery call, then we jump on a video meeting, and finally, we put ’em to the test with a real-life business case.

The 3 stages of the perfect hiring process

1. The discovery call

See the discovery call as a quick get-together to go over the basics. The main goal here is to figure out if there’s a match by searching for mutual interests. Furthermore, you must clarify if it’s the right match for both of you. Plus, ensuring it’s a good fit for both sides is essential. If the vibes and motivations don’t align, there’s no point in dragging it out, right? So, keep it short, around 30 minutes tops, and get a feel for each other. 

The recruitment purpose of a discovery call

As a recruiter, it’s my responsibility, along with my team, to go beyond the surface when evaluating candidates. We carefully analyze their communication style and prioritize understanding their values and priorities. By the end of the discovery call, our aim is to determine if the candidate qualifies for advancing in the hiring process.

Moreover, for exceptional candidates, this initial interaction creates excitement about the potential role.

2. The video meeting

During this video meeting, your goal is to assess and evaluate all aspects of the match thoroughly. It’s your chance to requalify the information gathered from the initial meeting, delve deeper into the candidate’s skillsets and background, and address any remaining questions they may have.

Additionally, assessing whether there is a cultural fit between the candidate and your company is crucial. Take the opportunity to double-check practical matters and logistics as well. if things go well, ask for two referrals and set up a follow-up meeting to tackle a cool business case together.

This meeting is your prime moment to ensure you’ve covered all the bases and make a solid decision moving forward.

3. The business case

It’s time for action! When it comes to a business case, there are typically two important elements involved: a presentation and a method/plan of action.

During this stage, there are key factors you should assess. Pay attention to the candidate’s ability to deliver a compelling presentation in a real-life setting, aptitude for extracting and researching information, attention to detail, and capacity to handle challenging situations. 

It’s also essential to gauge their willingness to do the extra work, even outside of regular working hours, as this showcases their motivation and dedication.

Ready to build a successful sales team?

The effectiveness of this tried and tested recruitment process is undeniable. Time and again, it has proven to be successful in identifying the right candidates. By starting with a discovery call, you can quickly determine if there is a mutual fit and avoid wasting time on candidates who are not a match. 

The video meeting allows one to delve deeper into the candidate’s qualifications and personality, fostering a more meaningful connection. If it feels right, it’s time to bring in the big guns: the business case. This process keeps things smooth and efficient, so you can find your perfect match hassle-free!