Client case: How Bizzy accelerated their growth with 3 strategic sales hires.

February 27, 2024 - 3min. read

When Bizzy, a cutting-edge software company at the intersection of fintech and sales tech embarked on a mission to improve how business developers work, they knew their success also depended on a solid foundation of sales talent.

Building relationships and closing deals? Sounds great. However, as a start-up with limited brand recognition and ambitious goals to scale rapidly across various territories, Bizzy faced a challenge in making their first critical sales hire (SDR) and expanding their team.


Bizzy stands out for their innovative product, integrating AI into the fabric of business development and sales processes. They specialize in eliminating the manual, repetitive tasks that bog down sales teams.

“Bizzy simplifies your outbound sales process by bringing companies, decision-makers, and contact details together in one smart B2B prospecting platform.”


Bizzy’s immediate need was to swiftly onboard a Sales Development Representative (SDR) with a proven track record in SaaS sales and the agility to thrive in a start-up culture. This also means that it was expected that the new hires have the ambition to grow quickly within the organization since fast career progression (promotion) was a natural next step.

The urgency to hire and scale in diverse territories meant finding individuals who not only excelled in sales but were also versatile enough to adapt to different markets. The challenge was compounded by the need to build a team from the ground up, requiring hires across various skill sets and regional focuses.


At Headlight, we recognized the urgency and understood Bizzy’s requirements. Our talent managers were able to quickly leverage their warm network and deep understanding of the tech and sales landscape. This helped to identify candidates who were not just qualified but perfectly aligned with Bizzy’s culture and goals.

With an exceptional fill-in ratio and an average of only three candidates needed to secure each role, Headlight showed unrivalled efficiency and expertise in tech sales talent acquisition.

Our approach was methodical yet swift; we focused on individuals with a blend of SaaS experience, start-up vigor and a growth mindset. This ensured they could immediately contribute to Bizzy’s growth.

Through a diligent selection process, we were able to present highly suitable candidates. We streamlined the recruitment cycle to no more than three weeks per each position!


The collaboration between Bizzy and Headlight has been nothing short of transformative. With three strategic hires, each bringing a unique set of skills and territory focus, Bizzy has significantly enhanced its sales capabilities.


If you’re in charge of a tech company or its hiring processes, finding the right sales talent can be a daunting task. We know the industry; we have the network.

Curious to know more? Reach out to us, and let’s explore how we can turn your hiring challenges into opportunities for success.