Client case: a full sales team for Skedify in 3 months

April 17, 2022 - min. read

Ghent-based Skedify was looking for a partner to build a fully-fledged sales team. Headlight approached its warm network and found 4 suitable sales professionals in just 3 months. If you’re interested in finding out how Headlight found the ideal candidates and became a real partner for Skedify, read on!

Who is Skedify?

Skedify develops omnichannel appointment scheduling software. This software makes it easy for large companies to plan and manage appointments and meetings. Skedify customers are active in the financial, insurance, retail, legal and automotive sectors, among others.

What did Skedify need?

In early 2019, Skedify was looking to attract a team of IT sales experts. The scale-up hoped that such a team would accelerate its growth. CEO Arne Bassez was explicitly looking for a sales recruitment partner who was willing to go beyond the one-off recruitment of sales professionals. He wanted a partner who was also willing to support the team on a permanent basis. A perfect match for Headlight.

What was Headlight’s solution?

Headlight created a growth strategy for Skedify. It became clear that Skedify needed a strategic sales profile first and foremost. This person would become Arne’s right-hand person and help him structure and build the sales team.

One of our very first candidates immediately turned out to be the right one: this creative sales professional with experience at one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies in Belgium was hired after barely one week. He quickly became a key figure within Skedify.

We then started looking for additional staff to further expand the sales team. In 3 months, we found 4 suitable professionals: 2 strategic salespeople, 1 account executive and 1 sales development representative.

What was the result?

18 months after our first contact, the Skedify sales team has grown to 8 sales professionals, 6 of whom were hired via Headlight.

CEO Arne understands only too well that proactively searching out sales talent is the only way to win the war for talent. Headlight has therefore become a real strategic long-term partner.

Arne Bassez: “Headlight focuses on IT sales and has a strong network, so it can find the right match between candidate, company and product. In addition, Headlight speaks the language of IT sales professionals and monitors candidates well, which keeps them enthusiastic. Thanks to Headlight’s experience and transparency, we’ve now built up a strong relationship of trust.”

We immediately recognise the Skedify DNA in candidates and regularly find interesting profiles for the company to this day. We’re proud that we can continue to contribute to Skedify’s future in this way.

Looking for a recruitment partner?

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