Client case: How Huapii found its first sales profile in under 2 weeks

May 19, 2022 - min. read

Who is Huapii?

Huapii is an HR-tech start-up. The talent platform provides HR officers with unique insights in the ambitions and wishes of their employees, so their company can create an environment where people can thrive and grow.

What was Huapii’s question?

Huapii wanted to hire a salesperson, but finding the right profile proved to be a challenge. Since this would be the company’s first dedicated salesperson, Huapii needed a partner who would help them find the right candidate and at the same time guide them through the sales recruitment process.

That’s why Kristof Stevens, co-founder of Huapii, reached out to Headlight.

What was Headlight’s solution?

First, Headlight sat down with Huapii to get a clear picture of their ambitions and vision. As soon as this was established, we started the search for the right sales professional.

Kristof Stevens: “Our cooperation went smoothly from the outset. The Headlight team is very proactive and reacts quickly. They are a true partner for their clients. The team doesn’t just present candidates, they walk you through the entire process, from improving your vacancy to helping you draw up your proposal.”

What was the result?

Headlight provided Huapii with a shortlist of 3 people. Huapii spoke to 2 of those candidates and immediately felt a strong match with 1 of them. After a recruitment process of less than 2 weeks, Huapii had hired the right person for the job!

Kristof Stevens: “We would definitely recommend Headlight to other entrepreneurs. Finding the right sales profile determines to a large extent the success of your business. Working with skilled partners like Headlight helps to guarantee the quality of your hire, without losing time.”


Are you ready to hire your first salesperson, but don’t you know where to start looking for him or her? Could you use some help with defining the profile your business needs right now? We’ll gladly help you draw up a tailored sales recruitment strategy and hire the right people. Let’s meet up to discuss a possible partnership!