Client case: Streamz continues its expansion with a new Sales Director

May 19, 2022 - min. read

Who is Streamz?

Streamz is a fast-growing streaming service of Telenet and DPG Media. Thanks to this Flemish start-up, viewers can watch both Flemish and international content on one digital platform.

Since the young company originated from a media giant, its main focus has been on the B2C market. But they also see huge growth potential in creative B2B partnerships. In the future, the platform will focus on both markets.

Streamz wants to scale up in the next 2 years and become a strong challenger to Netflix, Disney+, and other international media platforms.

What was Streamz’s question?

Streamz: ‘We wanted to find a quality addition to our sales team as quickly and discreetly as possible. Headlight asked us very specific questions and quickly painted a correct and complete picture of our needs.’

In the short term, Streamz needed a sales director who could bring maturity and implement processes in the sales organisation. Furthermore, he/she would focus on setting up indirect partnerships. This was a tall order, as profiles with experience in both B2B and B2C can be hard to come by.

Hiring such a profile will enable Streamz to shape its sales and marketing team within the year. The structure that the new sales director would create will also help them to scale up faster.

What was Headlight’s solution?

Headlight immediately focused on profiles with a proven track record in setting up creative partnerships with companies with a complex DMU. Ideally, candidates had been in contact with media companies in past roles.

Additionally, candidates needed to come from a more corporate environment with well-oiled processes, but they still needed to have the flexibility and speed of a start-up.

So it was immediately clear that we were looking for a person who could set up long-term projects to leverage change. Our ideal profile? Someone who had already built a successful career and who now wanted to contribute their knowledge to a rewarding project.

Streamz: ‘After less than 3 days, Headlight already presented the first qualitative candidates, and we could start our actual search for the right person. Very quickly, we were able to draw up a shortlist and select the best person for the job.’

What was the result?

Headlight presented a total of 4 candidates to Streamz, from which Streamz hired their new Sales Director within 4 weeks.

Streamz: ‘The final closing of the deal went very smoothly because Headlight had been clear about the expectations from their first contact with the candidates. We would recommend Headlight to other entrepreneurs in a heartbeat. Their discretion, professionalism, and very high-quality network bring so much added value.’

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