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At Headlight, we’re fans of a proactive and personal approach. We speak to companies and sales professionals in the tech sector on a daily basis, even before a concrete reason for a partnership arises. It allows us to stay in touch with the market.

Thanks to our considerable market knowledge and warm network, we can bring the right sales professional into contact with the right tech company at any time. We never have to look for candidates. We simply get on the phone with the most suitable professionals!

This is backed up by our success figures: in 82% of our placements, the successful professional is among the first three candidates we propose and in 87% of our placements, we manage to find a long-term match within eight weeks. With Headlight, you really can count on the perfect symbiosis of quality and speed.

“We don’t forward CVs. We work on developing a network of tech companies and specialised sales professionals who want to grow together.”

Why do you need Headlight?

  • Sales professionals in the tech industry need to connect the dots between tech, business and sales. Only a select few can do so. Thanks to our market knowledge and strong network, we know the talents and ambitions of most tech sales in the Benelux. We can quickly introduce you to the right sales professionals to help you grow your business.
  • Tech sales like to work in their niche because they know and love what they are talking about. We have a strong recruitment network thanks to our own background in sales and sales recruitment, and our affinity with tech. We keep up with the latest news in the industry, and we know what’s going on with everyone involved.
  • We know our network like the back of our hand. If you want to grow your team, we immediately have the right people in mind. This allows us to quickly approach the candidates who fit your company and your specific needs. We deliver quick yet long-lasting results.
<b>Alexander Goovaerts</b>

Alexander Goovaerts

Founder and CEO
My name is Alexander. Nice to meet you! I'm a 34-year-old entrepreneur, recruiter and business consultant from Mortsel.

As a professional, I am passionate about the growing and innovative world of tech. Do you want to grow your business but do you have insufficient sales power? I am happy to help you!

In my spare time I like to soak up culture, discover beautiful places and play golf.
<b>Stef De Cuyper</b>

Stef De Cuyper

Sales Recruitment Advisor
Welcome to Headlight! I am Stef, an enthusiastic, cheerful and sporty guy from Antwerp.

As a true entrepreneur, I help businesses that want to grow and talk to like-minded sales professionals on a daily basis. I really enjoy bringing people together!

At the end of the day, you can find me at the gym doing CrossFit or at the dinner table with friends and family for a pleasant night out.
<b>Laurence Luykx</b>

Laurence Luykx

Sales Recruitment Advisor
Hi! My name is Laurence and I'm a social and spontaneous guy from Limburg! I'm a real people person on the job, but friends and family are also at the center of my personal life.

I'm ambitious, enterprising and people-minded. Do you have a question about sales for IT and the growth of your business? I am happy to help!

Outside of work I organize events and perform music as a drummer and DJ. I also really love travel and sports.
<b>Koen Van Tolhuysen</b>

Koen Van Tolhuysen

Sales Recruitment Advisor
Hello! I'm Koen, and I live in the cosy town of Mechelen. My friends describe me as spontaneous, social and with my heart on my sleeve.

As an experienced sales professional I know what the right sales person can mean for an ambitious company. I would love to help you find them!

In my spare time you can usually find me on my wakeboard or in a rehearsal room with a guitar in my hands.
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Are you a start-up, scale-up or grown-up with a great service or product, but a lack of sales power? We’ll gladly help you assemble the perfect sales team. Do you have the necessary technical knowledge and are you ready to scale up, but are you still unsure of what sales profiles you’ll need? We’d love to help you draw up a sales recruitment strategy that will help you reach the right sales talents and continue to challenge them.

If you’re an experienced sales professional looking for a fresh challenge, more freedom and satisfaction in your work, tell us about yourself, your wishes and your ambitions. We’ll get in touch straight away when we can further your career.

We challenge you! Company or sales potential: we don’t give you the advice you want to hear, we give you the advice you need. No bull. Honesty is the best policy! If you’re interested or have any questions about our services or jobs, contact us now.

“We don’t give you the advice you want to hear. We give you the advice you need.”

Are you looking for sales talents and a sales recruitment strategy for your team?