Are you interested in advancing your sales career or discussing your options without obligation? Great! We’ll gladly take on the role of your lifetime career advisor!

We believe in frequent conversations with you, even if you’re not yet looking for a new job. No strings attached! It means we’re aware of your wishes and ambitions at all times and we can also contact you immediately if an opportunity arises for a new career move.

“We don’t conduct interviews at Headlight. We have conversations.”

“We don’t think in terms of boxes or vacancies. We’d love to hear about your ambitions, then share some personal advice with you. In most cases, we can propose various projects or possible career paths for the short term or long term.”

Why is Headlight your ideal partner?

  • We believe in a personal, proactive approach. We don’t just forward CVs. We don’t treat people as numbers. We do everything to make sure your wishes and ambitions come true.
  • We know every detail of the tech market and we maintain a strong network of innovative start-ups, scale-ups and growth companies. We know all the interesting up-and-coming tech companies (and the established values), we know the owners and their visions and we know exactly when they need you.
  • We search for a match that reflects your knowledge, skills, attitude, wishes and ambitions. Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work! We’re also there to help you throughout the entire selection process.
  • We challenge you. We don’t give you the advice you want to hear, we give you the advice you need. No bull. Honesty is the best policy.
  • We think in both the short term and long term and always have our finger on the pulse, so we can give you the very best guidance at all times, whatever your growth and career ambitions!

What is our procedure?

Introductory meeting

We hold regular meetings with no strings attached to get to know you and your career goals, without a specific client in mind.

On the lookout for a suitable job

In the following months, we stay in touch with you proactively and constantly check whether any interesting opportunities open up for you.

Introduction to a company

If we think we’ve found a match for you, we arrange a meeting. If you’re enthusiastic about the opening, we’ll guide you through the entire process. Otherwise we’ll carry on searching.

Proactive follow-up

Got the job? Great! We immediately plan three follow-up sessions with you and your new employer to check if the job is completely right for you.

Are you ready for a new sales challenge?

Our references

Valerie - Account Manager
"I highly recommend working with Headlight. They have a very good understanding and knowledge of the market, wich makes them stand out from other agencies. Due to their extended knowledge of the IT sector they are capable to link the right opportunity with the right candidate very accurately. Thanks to their good knowledge and relationship with their customers they where able to react/repond super fast, and where able to place me within 3 weeks. Also the tips/tricks for interviews & the efficient follow up gives you the best chances as a candidate."
Valerie - Account Manager

Benjamin - Business Development Manager
"Hoe vaak komt u het niet eens tegen, 'je moet doen wat je graag doet'? Je hoort het sporadisch, je ziet het af en toe eens verschijnen maar heel zelden loop je het tegen het lijf. Enkele maanden geleden kwam ik voor het eerst in contact met Headlight. In een uiterst professionele setting en aangepast op mijn agenda leerde Alexander mij op professioneel vlak beter kennen. Pas toen het voorstel van Headlight op tafel kwam viel het mij op. Wat zij doen, is met passie, kennis, ervaring en de juiste approach. Vandaag de dag ben ik dan ook gelukkiger dan ooit met mijn carrière en dit heb ik te danken aan Headlight."
Benjamin - Business Development Manager

Alex - Key Account Manager
"Dankzij Headlight vond ik de ideale match voor een volgende stap in mijn carrière. Nadat ik door hen werd gecontacteerd, ging ik met hen kennismaken en werden mij enkele interessante opportuniteiten voorgelegd. Ze vatten meteen de de koe bij de horens en verzorgden enkele introductiegesprekken. Meteen voelde ik aan dat de match die Headlight gemaakt had zeer nauw aanleunde bij mijn persoonlijke eisen. Vandaag ben ik dan ook zeer tevreden met over de vlotte samenwerking en next step. Wat Headlight voor mij bijzonder maakt, is de persoonlijke aanpak, de professionaliteit en de proactieve manier van werken"
Alex - Key Account Manager