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Sales recruitment and selection for tech companies

Sales is a profession in its own right, but sales in the tech sector is in a league of its own!

Headlight is an expert in the recruitment and selection of sales profiles for the tech market in the Benelux.

Why is Headlight your ideal partner?

  • We believe in a personal, proactive approach. We don’t just forward CVs. We don’t treat people as numbers. We’re sincerely committed to your business and willing to invest in continuity, trust and a strong partnership.
  • We know every detail of the tech market in the Benelux and we maintain a strong, warm network of sales professionals actively or passively looking for a fresh challenge. This all means we can work very quickly and efficiently.
  • We know all our candidates personally and only introduce you to a candidate when we’re sure there’s a long-term match between your needs and the candidate’s ambitions.
  • In 82% of our placements, the successful professional is among the first three candidates we propose and in 87% of our placements, we manage to find a long-term match within eight weeks. In addition, we offer you guarantees to ensure continuity.
  • We challenge you! We don’t give you the advice you want to hear, we give you the advice you need. No bull. Honesty is the best policy.
  • We’re more than happy to promote your company. If, and only if, we see a good match, we do everything in our power to convince candidates of the added value of your company!
  • We’re entrepreneurs ourselves, so we also think and act as entrepreneurs: fast, cost-efficient and driven to get results. We really do understand your needs, so we can change course rapidly.

In 82% of our placements, the successful professional is among the first three candidates we propose.

What is our procedure?

Preliminary research

We meet regularly to get, and retain, a detailed picture of your vision, wishes and ambitions. It means we’re always aware of what you’re trying to achieve and can also proactively introduce relevant sales professionals to you.


We interact with sales professionals every day, so we’re ideally placed to know what their ambitions are and when they’re ready for a new challenge. We can, therefore, quickly propose suitable candidates if you decide your sales team needs expanding.


We search for appropriate candidates and organise job interviews with the most suitable people until we’ve found the ideal candidate. We also make sure that your best candidate signs an employment contract with you.


In the six months after a candidate is appointed, we organise three follow-up sessions with you and your new colleague. This is followed by a monitoring process in which we, as your partner, offer you guarantees for success.

Our partnership models and guarantees

Headlight is convinced that a proactive partnership is essential in the war for talent, which is why we offer growth companies annual partnerships. This method allows us to keep our finger permanently on the pulse and realise your goals together.

A partnership of this type is a sign of confidence and you can simply think of us as an extension of your sales and recruitment team. There are three models in our system, namely Bronze, Silver and Gold, all with unique guarantees:

  • We guarantee a constant influx of candidates to expand your sales team, even when there are no vacancies. This ensures we can respond to acute demands even better and faster, assuring continuity of your operations.
  • The entire Headlight team is deployed for your project staffing.
  • Flexible payment terms (45 instead of 30 days) and spread of cost over twelve months.
  • Try-and-hire: if we come across a talent that could be useful for your company, we can initiate a 120-day trial. The talent is then kept on our payroll during the trial and can be transferred to your company in the event of a successful outcome.
  • Free refilling of a position up to twelve months after recruitment, depending on our partnership.

Bronze partnership

Six-month guarantee

Silver partnership

Nine-month guarantee

Lower costs per recruitment

Volume discount with multiple recruitments

Gold partnership

Twelve-month guarantee

Even lower costs per recruitment

Higher volume discount with multiple recruitments

Are you ready to grow your business?