The Road To VP Sales

Road to Vp Sales, moderated by Headlight

How do I become a VP Sales as fast as possible?

The question of 1 million that we will be glad to answer for you. We gathered 5 VP Sales in Tech from our network to help you. The experts below will help you in your path towards the role of VP Sales in a tech company.

  • Jan Calliauw, VP Sales & Marketing at In The Pocket
  • Cedric Teyssen, VP Sales at Metamaze
  • Carl Latham, VP Sales at ONTOFORCE
  • Cedric Royer, Sales advisor for entrepreneurs at Jump Foundation
  • Martijn Plessers, Scaling revenues for startups at MPL SaaS Sales Services
  • Moderator: Alexander Goovaerts, Managing Director at Headlight


What’s on the agenda?

First of all we start with a short introduction on the journey that all panelists went through in order to become a VP Sales, this way you get the context from where each of them is coming from.

Next, the panelists will provide actionable information about becoming a VP Sales in Tech. This will be done by providing a combination of personal experiences in becoming a VP Sales & debunking common beliefs about the journey in becoming a VP Sales & the characteristics of a good VP Sales.

After 45 minutes of insights by the experts, you’ll have the chance to ask the experts whatever they want.

17:00-17:20 The story to become a VP Sales
17:20-17:35 The crucial aspect that boosted your career
17:35-17:55 Debunk common False Beliefs about becoming a VP Sales
17:55-18:05 Q&A with the experts


Our Role

Alexander Govaerts, our Managing Partner, is a seasoned professional in the field of tech sales careers and is the perfect moderator for this event. With years of experience in the industry, he has a deep understanding of how careers can be accelerated within tech sales. Alexander has a unique understanding of the journey to becoming a VP sales, and there are no secrets to him in this regard.


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