How to grow from SDR to AE fast?

January 9, 2024 - 3min. read

Are you an ambitious Sales Development Representative (SDR) dreaming of becoming an Account Executive (AE)? This journey, though challenging, is incredibly rewarding and entirely achievable with the right approach. In the fast-paced world of tech sales, advancing in your career requires more than just meeting targets; it’s about strategically equipping yourself for the next big leap. Let’s take a look at how we can unlock the secrets to fast-tracking your path from SDR to AE!

1. Take charge of your growth

Your career progression is in your hands. This truth applies universally, especially in sales. Excelling in prospecting isn’t just a job requirement; it’s a spotlight that can get you noticed. To transition from SDR to AE, you need to showcase more than just hard work; you need to demonstrate capability in crucial areas like pitching and closing deals.

2. Learn from the front lines

Grab every opportunity to be involved in pitch calls, demos, and discovery calls. These experiences are invaluable. They provide a real-world education that’s just as crucial as theoretical knowledge. Observe, learn, and gradually start participating in these calls to gain firsthand experience.

3. Invest in your sales education

Education is a powerful tool. Take a legitimate sales course, dive into reputable sales books, and absorb as much knowledge as you can. Remember, preparation and training are key to becoming a successful AE.

4. Know your products inside out

Product knowledge isn’t just about understanding what you sell; it’s about comprehending the broader market, including your competitors. This depth of understanding will enable you to articulate your product’s value proposition compellingly, a crucial skill for any AE.

5. Build your brand on LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn profile isn’t just a resume; it’s a platform to showcase your expertise. Make posts that highlight your company and product positively. Use the opportunity to demonstrate your ability to articulate the value proposition effectively. This visibility can make you a desirable candidate, both within and outside your current organization.

6. Network and engage in your industry

Connect with professionals in your field. Engage in discussions on their posts. This isn’t just networking; it’s positioning yourself as a thought leader in the industry. A robust professional network can open doors to opportunities that you might not even be aware of.

7. Look beyond your current role

If your current organization doesn’t offer a clear path to becoming an AE, it might be time to explore new horizons. Sometimes, joining another company as an SDR can be a strategic move if it offers better prospects for promotion. Feel free to check out our latest vacancies or reach out to us to see how you can advance in your career.


Every SDR has the potential to become a successful AE. It requires dedication, learning, and strategic career moves. Remember, it’s not just about the skills you acquire but also how you position and present yourself in the industry. Keep pushing your limits, and soon, you’ll find yourself where you want to be.

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