How to recruit sales profiles on LinkedIn

May 18, 2022 - 4min. read

As a recruiter, you have to be a good salesperson too. After all, you need to sell your sales vacancies to potential candidates. Luckily, salespeople are very active on LinkedIn, which makes it the perfect platform to connect with them.

That’s why we’ve learned more than a thing or two about recruiting tech sales profiles on LinkedIn. Find out below how you can build your own warm network on LinkedIn, and use it to hire the right salespeople.

Connect with salespeople

Salespeople love networking, so they are usually easy to connect with. They know that the bigger their network becomes, the easier it will be to make a sale. The same goes for you as a tech sales recruiter: the more salespeople you connect with, the easier it will be to find the person whose sales DNA matches your company’s DNA perfectly!

Message your network

Like most people though, salespeople don’t like being sold to. So hold off on InMails and don’t immediately start selling your vacancy to your new connections. Don’t tell them that you have ‘the perfect job opportunity for them’, because the chance that you truly have the perfect job for that particular person is slim to none.

Instead, approach your new connections in a more personal way. LinkedIn is a tool for connecting, and only secondly a tool for selling. Have you already helped tons of people with the same background as that person? Then tell them so. A short message can go a long way: ‘Hey, I want to get to know you because I’ve helped many people like you. Maybe we can help each other.

Do you see the difference? When you send an impersonal sales vacancy, you’re only thinking about yourself. This last message, on the other hand, is not meant to sell something, but to form a real connection. And that connection will eventually help you convince them to join your company.

Sell your vacancy

When you finally decide you genuinely have the perfect sales position for one of your connections, you can message them your vacancy. Here is 1 crucial tip for recruiting on LinkedIn: you have to make the offer about them, not about your company. What’s in it for the candidate?

Do you want to find out more about the perfect vacancy? You can read all about it here.


Recruiting on LinkedIn takes time. Although LinkedIn is not a shortcut to success, it’s still a great tool to help you build your network. And if you build relationships with your connections in a real and human way and make the eventual vacancy about them, you just might convince potential candidates to start working for your company in the long run.

Are you too busy to go through this time-consuming process? Understandably so! Over the years, Headlight has built and maintained a warm network of talented salespeople. Tell us about your company and your tech sales vacancy, and we’ll find the right person for you. Contact us now, we’d love to help you!