Enterprise Sales Lead in an International Scale-Up

Management | Belgium | Payroll08.08.2022

The Bigger Picture

Companies such as Amazon, UPS, DHL, etc. are still facing incomplete data, resulting in deliveries at the wrong address. It takes too much time and effort for those companies to gather this data, and this is where our client comes in.

They have developed a DaaS platform and are a location master data expert. They go after postal operators, gather (often public) data and clean this up and bring structure. Easily implemented into your CRM/ERP system. 

Mission / Role

With a team of 8 people, they’re already doing an awesome job resulting in 1.3MIO EUR ARR, solely based on inbound leads. Their ambitions are sky-high; 10 MIO EUR ARR in 5 years, with a team of 20 FTE’s by the end of this year.

And this is where you come in. 

As an entrepreneurial sales lead, you’ll be responsible for setting up an outbound sales machine. Hire, set up and manage a top-performing sales team of SDR’s and Enterprise AE’s that you lead by example.

Think you’ll fit in?

This is an opportunity for the true builder-type of sales professionals. You love exploring new countries with an international mindset. SaaS sales / metrics are your cup of tea. You thrive in an enterprise context where you work on a daily basis with Fortune 500 companies.

Why do we like this one?

In our humble opinion, this is a unique role in a unique company. Since they’re so niche, offering a solution no one else is offering. This one is for someone who can see the bigger picture and realizes what this success story can become.