Sales rep in a fast growing international Hr tech start up

Operational Sales | Belgium | Payroll25.06.2022

The Bigger Picture

Clear top down communication in companies has never been more important in the new hybrid working world. Keeping companies engaged with their workforce is one the key elements our client is solving with their unique Saas software. 

Mission / Role

With a team of +10 people they are already reaching 1million ARR and some great reference clients such as Crocky, Facilicom, Tomorrowland they are ready to conquer the international markt

And this is where you come in. 

Als a Sales rep you will have a strategic rol to see in wich potential markets the opportunities lie, wich sales/marketing approach to use and go and hunt them down. 

Think you’ll fit in?

This is an opportunity for somone entrepeneurial who still wants to help build a sales approach and think strategically on what tactics to use. You love a fast sales velocity and talk directly to key decision makers instead of going trough politics

Why do we like this one?

In our humble opinion, this is a unique opportunity because it is basically an SDR role where you can go to the next level in the sales cycle. It is a product/solution that is definitely on the rise and easy to use.