Our top 5 sales interview questions

mei 19, 2022 - min. read

Today, I’m going to reveal my top 5 sales interview questions, and what knowledge you’ll gain from candidates’ answers. Discover them below!

1. Added value

A really cool question to ask is: “In which part of the sales cycle do you bring the most added value?”

We want to know in which part of the cycle the candidates excel. Is it opening? Is it negotiating? Is it closing, up- or cross-selling? This question allows you to find out in what stages of the cycle the candidate will be most useful.

2. The challenge

Another great question is: “What is challenging about your sales job today, and why?”

A good salesperson knows what makes their job tough, and what makes it easy. So their answer will reveal what the candidate is good at, and what skills they still need to hone.

3. Your USP

The third sales interview question I always ask is: “Why are clients buying from you specifically?” You want to know what candidates do to persuade people into buying. What sets them apart from other salespeople?

4. Flaws and improvements

During a sales interview, I also question candidates about their sales heroes: “Have a look at one of the sales profiles that you look up to. What are these people doing differently from you?”

You want to know if candidates or sales profiles have an idea of how they want to grow, or why they look up to these sales profiles. This way, you’ll learn whether these candidates are aware of their flaws and if they are working on improving themselves.

5. Your role

My last sales interview question is my favourite: “Tell me, what does your company do and what’s your role inside the organisation?” We will cover the importance of this question in an upcoming video, so be sure to keep an eye on our social media.

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