Preparing a sales interview? Always ask these 2 questions!

mei 20, 2022 - min. read

Are you preparing a sales interview and still looking for questions? We’ve talked about our 5 favorites earlier and today, we’ll dive a bit deeper into the 1 question you absolutely have to ask:

“What does your company do and what’s your role inside the organization?”

Sounds easy, right? Although the question might seem simple to answer, it’s vital in any sales recruitment interview, as the candidate’s explanation will provide insight into their abilities.

Are they qualified?

As you’re preparing the interview, you need to make sure you know what you want to learn from each question. So, what are you looking for in the answer here?

You want candidates to show you they can:

  • make a short and powerful introduction;
  • explain things in a way that everybody can understand;
  • extract their role from the bigger picture.

What you don’t want to see

Now, of course, there are some things that you’re not looking for:

  • The pitch might be too long or too short.
  • The candidate shouldn’t be overqualified or diminishing their role.
  • People shouldn’t just explain the products or the solution.
  • You don’t want someone who explains their task instead of their bigger mission.

So during your preparation for the sales interview, remember the question: “Tell me, what does your company do and what’s your role inside the organization?”

More questions

Do you want more inspiration for your sales interview? Check out our video where we dive into 5 questions you can ask during a sales interview, and what you can learn from the answers. We can help you

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