Starting your career in tech sales as an SDR

March 5, 2024 - 1min. read

As you prepare to launch your career, consider the benefits of a Sales Development Representative (SDR) role in a tech company. Our experience has shown us that this is the best traineeship to start your career. By working as an SDR in a tech company, in 6 months, you will have enough knowledge & qualities to promote thanks to constantly gaining practical experience.

To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a guide that briefly outlines what it means to be a Sales Development Representative and the valuable qualities you can add to your skill set in this role. Take advantage of this opportunity to jumpstart your career in the exciting world of tech sales. Download our new ebook below!

In addition to career paths, being an SDR offers the chance to work for various companies, especially in the rapidly growing tech industry. Even if you decide not to pursue a career in sales, the skills you’ll gain as an SDR, such as communication, creativity, and perseverance, are highly sought after by any employer.

Are you looking to launch your career as an SDR in the tech industry? The Headstart community is here to help you take control of your ambitions. We conduct a thorough screening process to match you with a tech company that aligns with your personal goals and ambitions.

Our focus is on providing you with valuable experience as an SDR and supporting your growth to advance to the position of an AE in no time.


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